Law requires owners to clean up pet’s waste in public

June 15, 2018

THE Iloilo City Council approved an ordinance requiring pet owners to keep their pets on a leash and clean up after them in public spaces.

Most of the pets brought by their owner happen to leave wastes or “fecal matter” in public places. Numerous owners tend to leave the responsibility after.

This was eyed by Councilor Jose Efrain Treñas, wherein he raised the ordinance last year to solve the problem. The “Poop and Scoop Ordinance” was then authorized by the City Council through its final reading on June 11.

The ordinance aims to promote responsible pet ownership, maintain cleanliness and sanitation in public.

In the ordinance, all pet owners are mandated to register their pets with at least three months of ages in the City Veterinarian.

The City Veterinarian is also tasked to conduct registration in barangays in an agreed schedule with the barangay council.

After the owner is able to register his/her pet, they should attach a tag to the collar of the pet bearing the name and address of the owner.

For the cleanliness, they should carry container for the possible removal and proper waste disposal of the pets’ fecal matter.

The ordinance also prohibits the owners to walk or stroll their pets in public places without leash to prevent danger the persons or properties.

Those who failed to follow the ordinance will be penalize through a fine with the amount of P3,000.

The violators should pay the fine in the City Treasurer’s Office with a citation ticket. If they will be unable to to settle the fine within three days from the issuance of ticket, the City Legal will file a legal case against the violator.

For the implementation, the City Veterinarian Office will conduct a primary information education campaign for the “responsible pet ownership.” 

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