What is the best pooper scooper to buy for my own yard?

October 21, 2015


The best pooper scooper for your home is simple - it's the one that you will actually use to pickup pet waste and put it in its place (the trash).


For safety, health and frankly, odor, bagging your waste is very important.   You might think that big mound of dog waste back in the rear corner of your yard isn't very appealing, but there are all sorts of critters and creepy crawlies that would disagree with you.  I will spare you the details, but we have seen some very horrendous things happening in and around pet waste.  


There are fancy gadgets, simple tools, baggies and contraptions galore to help keep our backyard poop-free.  You have to know yourself and which pooper scooper you would be inclined to use.


And if you don't want (or don't have the time) to get out there and search your yard for doggie landmines or to have the odor of throwing it away in your own trash, go ahead and give Dirty Work Atlanta a call at 404-876-9333.    We would also be delighted to provide a free quote online, right through this very website.


Whether it's you or the dog poop pros, pet waste needs to be cleaned from your lawn and disposed of properly.


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