Spring Cleaning for the Yard: For Dog Owners, the Spring Melt Brings Reminders of Days Gone By

July 17, 2014



TOLEDO, Ohio, April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- If you're a dog owner, a walk in your yard in the spring can be dicey business. Amongst the new grass is a winter's worth of reminders from days when it was too cold to go out with Man's Best Friend. For busy individuals and families, clean up is certainly not the best part of owning a dog. But new health and environmental concerns, as well as legislation in some areas, make this a vital part of canine care. According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, approximately 74 million dogs are owned as pets in the United States. That's a lot of... dogs. Fortunately, there is a growing industry for over-burdened pet owners -- pet waste removal. "Our average customer is your typical busy family," says Brad Mockensturm, owner of Scoop-It Pet Waste Removal, LLC. "My service provides an easy, inexpensive solution for families who want to spend more time with their family and enjoy a nice, clean yard." Those April showers can also mean environmental and health hazards when it comes to pet waste. Accumulated waste can be washed into storm drains which lead to the nearest stream, creek or lake. Depending on location, this can impact bodies of water that serve as an area watershed or a recreational swimming area. The health concerns are real. Dog waste can contain disease-causing organisms, bacteria and viruses that are harmful to humans, pets and other animals. When a body of water has been contaminated, human illnesses like E. coli or hepatitis can result. "Our service provides pet owners with the opportunity to lessen the concern posed by pet waste that is not disposed of properly," says Mockensturm. With 100,000 registered dog owners in Lucas County, pet waste removal companies like Scoop-It are quickly becoming in high demand. And by partnering with professional waste management companies, they are able to properly dispose of pet waste. In other words, the pooper-scooper is now big business. About Scoop-It! Scoop-It Pet Waste Removal, LLC offers year-round pet waste removal yard services. They offer special Spring Clean-Up to start the year off clean, discounts for seniors, those with physical disabilities and guide dog owners. SOURCE Scoop-It Pet Waste Removal, LLC

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