Natural Extensions Of "Pooper Scooper" Ordinance - And Response

July 17, 2014


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Kudos to our City Council for encouraging and legislating responsibility for dog owners. It will doubtless be difficult to enforce, but is a step in the right direction. Some will ignore, but many will think twice before leaving an unwanted present/land mine.

Natural extensions of the new ordinance should be: 1) Purchase and installation of disposal stations at city facilities, and 2) lifting of the ban on leashed canines from the Riverwalk, Walnut Street Bridge, Coolidge Park and similar public venues.


Chattanooga has long lagged behind other cities by discriminating against responsible pet owners. Let's become a great city for everyone including good dogs and their humans.

H. S. Fry

* * *

I too feel that the current "pooper scooper ordinance" can be extended. At my office, I have 20-30 Canadian geese that leave their "mark" all over our parking lots, sidewalks and cars at the establishment. On any given morning, there is not a 25 square foot area that doesn't have a pile (or splatter) of goose poop. These little feathered friends can "poop" as much as a large Chihuahua.

These are Canadian geese so we may need look into the possibility of citing the Canadian government for the careless disregard of these birds and take action to hold Canada accountable. Maybe this issue should be addressed with the UN, but there is probably something buried in NAFTA that would prevent this approach. Although I can't prove it, I suspect many of these Canadian geese may be here illegally. However many of these "illegal geese" have had their offspring here and I am not sure if they are now considered American geese and be entitled to the rights of an American citizen. In any case, someone should be held accountable for the "mess" they leave at our business office. Maybe we can apply for a "Superfund Grant" to help offset our cost in cleaning up this waste.

I know most of these geese are transients and possibly a permanent home would help alleviate this problem. There might be additional room at the farmer’s market site where this issue might be contained. Maybe "sensitivity" training for these birds would help in their flagrant disregard of their indiscriminate "pooping."

This is a critical problem at my Brainerd office, but we do not currently have a Councilperson we can contact about the problem.

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

J. Hulsey

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