Homeowners Face Feces Fines

July 17, 2014


By TI-HUA CHANG, Fox 5 News Reporter



North Hills, a small village on the north shore of Long Island, is set to expand its so-called pooper scooper law to include a dog owner's property. The mayor said it is a health issue. 

If a dog decides to poop on public property in North Hills, its owner must quickly pick up the droppings. Mayor Marvin Natiss on Wednesday expects to expand that ordinance to require dog owners to pick up their animal's poop even if it's on the dog owner's property. The mayor said the ordinance was prompted by a specific complaint from a resident about their neighbor's dog. Runoff from a dog owner's property carried the waste to an adjacent lawn, on which children walked.


The proposed law would require residents to "promptly" put the poop in a sealed, plastic bag into a covered trash bin. Fines for failing to do it would be $50 for the first offense, $100 for the second, and $200 for the third.


Some homeowners seemed to appreciate the expanded law but at the North Hills dog run, some canine owners were skeptical about waste on a dog owner's own property. Some said it would be hard to enforce.

Mayor Natiss said he expects the new ordinance to pass the Board of Trustees. He acknowledged the poop is not a widespread problem.


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