Hoboken Considers Launching Pooper-Scooper 'Hall of Shame'

July 17, 2014

    By Josh Einiger
WNBC/NBC News Channel

HOBOKEN, NJ -- These days in Hoboken, it's a dog's life. The city's gentrified downtown is more friendly to its four legged residents than ever before. They're welcome in shops and sidewalk cafes. They even have their own parks. However, with all these pooches, large and small, there's a not-so-small problem.

None of these dog owners will own up to it, but they say bad neighbors who are failing to clean up their dog's waste are bringing shame to all despite the city's best efforts. To convince people to clean up after their dogs, the city has installed bag dispensers but there's a problem. City leaders say every time they fill the things up, the bags vanish. Meanwhile, around almost any corner, the very foul problem is still right there at their feet.

Hoboken City Councilman Peter Cammarano says "it's disgusting to see, it's revolting for people to have to encounter this amount of dog waste on the street."

Peter says the scooping scofflaws are among the city's most serious problems. So he's gotten unanimous support for his solution. You've heard of a sex offender registry? Well in Hoboken, call it a pooper-scooper hall of shame.

Steven Kleinman, Hoboken City Counsel, says "maybe they'll think twice when it's a cold winter's morning and they're not sure whether they want to pick up after their dog. The city will build a website, modeled after a Chicago police site listing men who solicit prostitutes. It's a public shaming city leaders hope will end in cleaner streets before the home of Frank Sinatra goes completely to the dogs.



NBC News Channel


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