A little more about DIRTY WORK, Atlanta's Professional Pooper Scooper since 1998
Scoop the Poop Campaign

So what's the big deal?  Dog poop is a  natural fertilizer, right?  Wrong.  The truth about dog poop is that it's the equivalent of putting raw sewage on the sidewalk. 


When pet owners choose not to clean up after their dog, the health of our community, environment, and particularly our children is put at risk.


Dirty Work is working to get the word out about the enviornmental and health hazards of uncollected pet waste.


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" # 1 in the # 2 business since 1998 "

When you are a Professional Pooper Scooper, a sense of humor is a must!   


Let us tell you a little more about our unusual pet care service, entrepreneurial spirit and devotion to exceptional customer service.


DIRTY WORK has grown to be one of the nation's largest Pet Waste Removal Services and our business keeps picking up.


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Yes, we take dog stuff - seriously!

People love reading about & seeing pet features and stories.


Accordingly, Dirty Work's unique service business has been featured on numerous national and local programs & periodicals. 

Animal Planet. Entrepreneur. Ladies Home Journal. Atlanta Magazine. Doggie Aficiando. Creative Loafing. NBC News & more.

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Meet Dirty Work Pooper Scooper

Meet the solution to Atlanta's backyard poo-lution!  


Since 1998 Dirty Work Pet Waste Removal Service has been keeping lawns greener and shoes cleaner.


For a low per-cleaning fee, we take care of a dog owner's worst chore.

Is Dog Waste Dangerous?

Dog Poop isn't just unsightly and smelly. It is full of dangerous pathogens and bacteria and should be regularly cleaned from your yard and properly disposed. Dog waste is classified as a "dangerous pollutant" by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Don't Be a Fool - Pick Up your Poo!

RRWA Video Contest 2011 Winner

The Russian River Watershed Association sponsors a video contest for high school students each spring in celebration of Water Awareness Month. The intent of the contest is to increase awareness of the importance of water. The focus topic for the 2011 contest was "Clean Up Your Pet Waste." The winner of the contest is "Don't Be a Fool! Pick Up Your Poo!" by Ryan Yanes, Rancho Cotate High School.

Scoop the Poop Campaign

Be A Responsible Dog Owner #ScoopThatPoop
Campaign created by Golden Woofs: Sugar The Golden Retriever to bring awareness the importance of scooping dog's poop. Scoop That Poop Campaign's intention is make a positive difference.

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