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Additional DIRTY WORK Poop Scooper and Pet Waste Removal Services include pork / deck cleaning and disinfecting, and collecting and removing supplimental dog poop you have picked or bagged, texting you before we arrive, leaving a door hanger at each cleaning and more.


Commercial properties, apartments, multifamily communities, Home Owners Associations, townhomes, parks, dog parks, special events, veterinary clinics pet waste stations and Dogipots also love our dog waste cleaning and removing service.




What is Dirty Work's Service Area?


DIRTY WORK provides its dog waste removal service to parts or all of the following metro-Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan areas:


Alpharetta | Atlanta | Austell (parts) | Avondale Estates | Berkeley Lake | Buckhead | Buford (parts) | Chamblee | Clarkston | Cumming (parts) | Decatur | Duluth | Dunwoody | Hickory Flat | Johns Creek | Kennesaw (parts) | Mableton | Marietta | Milton | Norcross | Roswell | Sandy Springs | Scottdale | Smyrna | Sugar Hill (parts) | Suwanee (parts) | Tucker | Vinings | and parts of Woodstock, Georgia.  We do not service Acworth, Canton, College Park, Conyers, Douglasville, Hapeville, Lawrenceville, Lithia Springs, Lithonia, Powder Springs, Snelleville, Stone Mountain, or Winder at this time.


No, we do not require our clients to sign a contract. 


DIRTY WORK does not provide one-time cleanings as we do not utilize day laborers nor sub-contractors.


Instead, our focus is to build a relationship between our clients, their pets and our dog-loving staff with our providing weekly (or twice weekly) thorough cleanings and great, personal service.


DIRTY WORK invoices  you once per month from our office by either USPS mail or, preferably, email.  We also can auto-debit your credit card each month to make things even easier for you.


As some months might have 4 cleanings and others might have 5, changing your budget and processing each month, we do a monthly average of your invoice.  (Your cleaning price x 52 weeks / 12 months.)  


So, for example, if your price was $12 a week, your invoice would be $52 each and every month.  Except, of course, if you request not to have a cleaning.  You would get the entire cleaning cost pro-rated.  (Using the previous example, if you were away for a week your cost would be $52 - $12 = $40 for the month.) WE CANNOT CHANGE THIS  ACCOUNTING METHOD TO ACCOMODATE AN INDIVIDUAL REQUEST.


You may pay in the way easiest for you: AmericanExpress, MasterCard, Visa, auto-debit, PayPal, check, cash, and so forth.


We take away every bit of it, every time.  You will be odor and pest free.


DIRTY WORK has been serving metro-Atlanta since 1998 and our business continues to 'pick up'!


We guarantee our work; if there ever is a problem please call or email us and we will re-clean your yard.


We are also fully licensed and insured including Worker's Comp and General Liability.  We are verified with multiple services that authenticate such matters including Compliance Depot, Registry Monitoring and Yardi / VENDORcafe


Don't just take our word for it - please see our reviews & testimonials.


No way! If a dog poops it, we will scoop it and take it away with us.


This incudes apartments, townhomes, condos, dog-related businesses, parks, pet waste "dog poop" stations, special events and other custom circumstances that some pet parents require.


Don't be afraid to ask - we are here to help.


BUT, please note that we are a dog pooper scooper and pick up service.  We do not clean up after llamas, alpacas, chickens, rabbits, reptiles, horses, pigs, birds and so forth.



But of course - we want to keep things simple for you.


We will glady call you to get that information, or you may submit it here.


Absolutely, yes.  We are animal lovers and have been active in pet welfare since we opened in 1998.


Our efforts include Christmas / holiday food and supply drives for licensed shelters. We volunteer and provide poop scooping service for numerous dog adoptions. 


Please let us know if we can support or sponsor your group.


We are all huge dog lovers here - that's why we got into this pooper scooper business!


But if your dog is protective of its yard, or if it is a jumper, we ask that you have or bring your pooch inside for the protection of all involved.   Our tools are metal and jumping dogs and sharp metal corners do not mix.


In the rare instances when a client's dog has shown real agression that cannot be managed by our trained staff we will require the dog not be in the yard while it is cleaned / pooper scooped.  We have had Dirty Workers bitten and attacked, so it is in everyone's best interest to restrict access to the Dirty Worker while they are in the yard. (We will gladly work out a system to alert you we are about to enter the yard.

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Isn't dog poop a good fertilizer? 


No way! Dog's diets are very high in protein  (and meat based) so their poop is very acidic and cam kill grass.


Likewise, dog feces is full of bacteria and pathogens; using it as fertilizer or compost, especially on edible gardens, poses serious potential health risks and is discouraged by the CDC:


"Composting and burial do not kill hazardous pathogens that may be in the pet waste and can pollute water. Landfills are designed to safely handle substances such as dog waste, cat litter and dirty diapers.  Yards are not.


Most home compost piles don't reach temperatures sufficient to kill many hazardous pathogens. Extended exposure at 140-degree temperatures is required to kill E. coli and salmonella.


Giardia can survive temperature extremes, chlorination and drying. Cryptosporidium, Leptospira, Salmonella and E. coli can survive for months in feces or soil. Roundworms can survive four years in soil.


Even commercial yard waste processors do not currently compost waste at temperatures sufficient to kill many pathogens in pet waste, so don't put dog waste in the yard waste bins for curbside  pickup."


Q: Isn't pet waste "biodegradable" or "natural"? 


A: Pet waste is biodegradable in that it decomposes under natural conditions, but the harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites in it can continue to live on even though the waste pile seems to have disappeared.


When pet waste is washed into streams or bays, the waste decomposes, using up the oxygen in the water and releasing ammonia. Under those conditions and warm water temperatures, fish and other aquatic life can be killed. Pet waste also contains nutrients that encourage weed and algae growth. 

If for some reason your are ever unhappy with your DIRTY WORK Pooper Scooper Clean up, please give us a call at 404-876-9333 or email us.


We have been in business since 1998 and are here for the long haul.  We'd rather bend over backwards to make things right than dig in our heels!

Q: The stormwater in my neighborhood goes to a pond and swale. Isn't it treated there? 


A: No. Dog waste is raw sewage. Stormwater ponds and swales are not designed to treat the  pathogens in raw sewage. Stormwater is not treated at a sewage treatment plant. The stormwater from ponds is released into pipes and ditches that discharge directly to streams and bays. 


Ponds and swales do help clean stormwater by providing an opportunity for sediments, and any pollutants that are bound to them, to settle out; however, pathogens that remain suspended are discharged directly into streams and bays without further treatment. 


DIRTY WORK double bags all collected dog waste, cleans and disinfects our tools and boots between each yard / property, and disposes of all pet feces properly & in full accordance with local ordinances.

What pet services does Dirty Work Dog Waste Removal Service perform in metro Atlanta? 

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DIRTY WORK also will clean, restock and maintain pet waste bags, pet waste station, pet waste, pet waste stations, pet waste disposal system, pet waste bag dispenser, poop bags doggie poop bags, doggy poop bags, biodegradable dog waste bags, pet odor eliminator, pet odor removal, Dogipots and Fido Stations.

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Since 1998, Dirty Work Pooper Scooper service has provided dog waste removal service to many metro-Atlanta areas. CLICK HERE for full service area. Some of the areas Dirty Work Pet Waste Removal cleans include: 


Alpharetta, Ansley Park, Avondale Estates, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Candler Park, Chamblee, Chastain, Country Clubs (numerous), parts of Cumming, Decatur, Dekalb, Downtown Atlanta, Doraville, Druid Hills, Duluth, Dunwoody, East Atlanta, Emory, Garden Hills, Grant Park,  Inman Park, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, Lenox Park, Little Five Points, Mableton, Marietta, Midtown (Atlanta), Morningside, Norcross, Oakhurst, Peachtree Hills, Powder Springs, Roswell, Sandy Springs, parts of Stone Mountain, Smyrna, Suwanee, Tucker, Vinings, Virginia Highlands and more.


What services does Dirty Work Dog Waste Removal Service perform in metro Atlanta?  We clean the dog & pet waste from your yard, also commonly asked for as pooper scooper service, dog waste cleanup and removal, pooper-scooper service, pet waste cleanup and remover, pooper scooper, pet waste cleanup and removal service, poop scoop, scoop poop, dog poop cleaning, Atlanta pet service, pet waste cleanup, dog service, pet service, dog waste, poop business, scoop dog poop, poop scooping company, poop cleanup, poop pickup business, dog poop scoopers, dog waste cleanup and remover service, pooper scooper, pet waste stations, DogiPots, Fido Stations, and more!