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Dirty Work, Atlanta's Pooper Scooper Service since 1998, is pleased to present POO IN THE NEWS.  Consider this your dog waste information source.  Pooper Scooper laws, pooper scooper ordinances, dog waste dangers, pet health, dog parasite dangers, clean water information and more.  If you have dog waste / pooper scooper news to share, please submit to us and join the conversation!


If your dog runs away, don't chase it. Lie down & pretend you're hurt.

How to catch a loose dog (Tip: don’t chase it!) If you chase your dog, its instinct is to run. If you lie down on the ground and act hurt (yelping, etc.), its instinct is to come check on you and make sure you’re alright. Feels like a dirty trick at the time, but it’s worth saving your dog from getting loose or hurt. What to do if a dog gets loose: Stop, drop and lie down - It might sound silly, but dogs find the behavior odd. When you don’t give chase and instead lie down and lie still, a dog will get curious and will often come back to see if you are okay or to see what you are doing. Stop, drop, and curl into a ball – This is also a curious behavior for a dog. Because you are not moving a

Dog poop is NOT a good fertilizer

Dirty Work Pooper Scooper Service wishes we could tell you to compost and re-use dog waste. Facts are that PET WASTE IS NOT HEALTHY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. This includes lawns, gardens, compost piles, bushes, waterbodies, etc. The big danger is the organisms living in the waste that can get you and your pets sick. Most compost piles do NOT get hot enough to kill these organisms. Stick to the classic manures and organic fertilizers for your landscaping and bag and trash your pet waste. "Is dog poop a good fertilize for my grass?" No way! Dog's diets are very high in protein (and meat based) so their poop is very acidic and can kill grass. Likewise, dog feces is full of bacteria and pathogens

How old is your dog in 'human years'?

We've all heard that one dog year equals seven human years. While that is a fast method, it isn't very accurate. One 'dog year' equals 4 'human years' from ages 2 to 14, and after that age, a 'dog year' is equivalent to 2-2 1/2 'human years.' Here is a good chart for age comparisons: Dirty Work Pet Waste Removal Service is here to talk all things dog. Give us a woof for more information: 404-876-9333

Ever Leave Dog Poop on the Ground?

Ever leave dog poop behind? In your yard, park or trail? Here's what happens to what you don't pick up or have cleaned: Infographic details: Here’s what happens NOT PICKED UP from DOG PARK, YOUR LAWN 72.8 million dogs currently live in the United States 40% of Americans don't pick up after their dogs 44% wouldn’t pick up if asked are lying Beware! 1 gram of dog 23 million feces contains fecal bacteria Decompostion Begins Toxic bacteria seeps into the soil Poop carries dangerous pathogens and pollutes our freshwater supply Wastewater treatment IS NOT designed to filter dog waste! Diseases & Viruses Campylobacteriosis Symptoms: fever, vomiting, swollen lymph nodes Salmonellosis Symptoms: fever

Yellow Lawn Urine Burns 101

CAUSES & TIPS (Reprinted from Drs. Foster & Smith) Identify the Culprit Before you start implementing changes to correct lawn burn, you need to make sure that your dog is actually the culprit. Several lawn diseases can look like lawn burn, causing small, characteristic brown patches. First, make sure that the brown spots are in areas where your dog urinates. Most dogs will have an area in the yard that they choose to use when they relieve themselves. Second, make sure that the grass in the brown spots is still firmly attached. Grab a handful and give it a steady pull. If the grass is firmly rooted, that points to lawn burn. If the whole bunch of grass pulls up, roots and all, then you may be

Top 10 Most Dangerous Pet Parasites | Dangers of Dog Poop | Atlanta Pet Waste Removal

Not only is dog waste an often overlooked enviornmental pollutant, people often don't realize the pathogens that exist in the dog feces in their own backyards and property. As compiled by Entirely Pets, here are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Pet Parasites There are many workable solutions to keeping your backyard, park or property clean such as hiring a pet waste removal service. Dirty Work Pet Waste Removal has been metro-Atlanta's professional pooper scooper service since 1998. Contact us today for your free quote: 404-876-9333 --- A Professional Pooper Scooper & Pet Waste Removal Service Blog | Dirty Work Dog Waste Removal for Metro-Atlanta

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Dirty Work Pooper Scooper Service was founded in 1998 to serve our Atlanta community, its families and other pet and dog lovers with a focus was on old-fashioned customer service, great work at a fair price, and to promote the care of animals and the importance of clean stormwater and environment.

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Since 1998, Dirty Work Pooper Scooper service has provided dog waste removal service to many metro-Atlanta areas. CLICK HERE for full service area. Some of the areas Dirty Work Pet Waste Removal cleans include: 


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